Finding English lessons for toddler…

There are a lot of parents who want their children to communicate in English while they are still at an early age. The most significant feature, as encouraged by English Express in familiarizing the kids with other languages, and making them learn, is to aid them develop an optimistic attitude towards learning new languages for communication.


While providing an exposure to other languages to children at a very early age, helps them form affirmative views about that individual language. It helps them accept it quickly, get used to it and be at ease with learning it. Nevertheless, if you force a foreign language on them, even though they do not want to hear, they will get rebellious, and this will create an adverse effect on them, about the language.

Below are some ideas on how to make your child learn English while also having fun learning it…

  • Ease up when necessary

Usually, parents find it the best to communicate in the same language with their children when they are trying to learn it. It is indeed a great idea but if the child is resistant to it, there is no need to put pressure on him. The child could get annoyed and would want his parents to speak his language. In such a case, there is no need to stay stringent, as this would only drive the child away from that language, resulting in loss of communication between you and the child.

  • Let your kids see YOU enjoying English

It is the key to training your children that if you are enjoying doing something, you should try and make your children notice that. There is no need for you to get all tense about it, but it is important that you let them see that you are enjoying reading English newspapers or books. Allow them to witness that you are watching English movies, listening to English songs, and communicating with a friend in English. Your child always imitates you. They personify you while they are out playing. Let them see that you enjoy English if you want them to enjoy as well.

  • Expose your children to English

Do not forget that INPUT is important. Select some English movies or songs for your child that you think they might enjoy, and let them take their time to get adjusted to the language, without forcing it on them. We often expect impractical things from new language learners. Just the way, a child who already has English as his mother tongue, starts to learn English at a slow pace; a child with English as second language would require time to get the hang of it. Everyone has his pace at which they learn a new language. They might go into a “quiet phase”. Obviously, a child might have a longer quiet period to catch up on things quickly.

  • Focus on the positives

Getting to know another language should prove to be encouraging. Remember that there is no rush. Helping your children learn English, in enjoyable ways, will make them accept the change and help them adapt and learn quickly. If you pressurize them, they will start to rebel. Highlight the optimism. Admire them for learning new words, but remember not to overdo it either. Do not make a big deal out of it; just make them enjoy it and be optimistic about it.

Playing with Big Brother

Whenever I watch my son and her little sister, I am always awed at the strong bond that exists between them. They always share some private little joke that sometimes I am frightened with what they are planning between themselves. There was that time when I was so shocked upon finding my little girl with those crazy tattoos all over arm. Her big brother tried his tattooing prowess on his little sister and even if he used henna, it does not come off easily.

I hope that the bond fostered between my son and his younger sister will last for a lifetime. There are siblings who have a close relationship in childhood but drift apart when they reach adulthood. Even if I am teaching them self sufficiency, it is my secret dream that will continue to care for each other once they are grownups and have lives of their own.

girls-304351_640Brothers always play a unique role in their little sisters life. It was big brother who taught his little sister to shoot the ball or to play football in the backyard. It was also brother who cajoled little sister into picking my flowers so that brother will have something to gift his crush at school. Big brother has always had this responsibility to watch over his little sister but they would often do crazy things that will make me mad. Our feisty princess will always follow her brother no matter if it is a silly undertaking. Big brother is always the leader and our feisty princess does not mind following orders. I know I will miss all the stupid and silly things they do particularly if they know that I am too busy to notice their antics.

In some cultures, the close relationships between siblings are encouraged. The bond is preserved until they each have their own families because the older brother is always expected to watch over his younger sibling. My little daughter always seeks comfort from her brother because she looks up to him as her protector. Even with the pranks and the odd jokes, there exists a close relationship. I cannot help but notice their interaction when they are playing particularly my young girls’ dependence on her brother.

Sometimes I am afraid because soon enough they will be adolescents. Conflict is one thing that cannot be avoided. I do not want my children to have that emotional distance when they develop their own circle of friends in school. Children can be easily influenced by their peers but I still prefer for communication to exist among my children.

Well, I guess I just don’t want my children to grow up so fast because I will miss caring for them. Time flies so fast and soon enough our feisty princess will be going to school. Instead of playing with her dolls, our feisty princess will start to read books and I hope that big brother will always be there for support. She will start to become aware that there is a different world aside from the home environment.

Picking Strawberries at Cameron Highlands Malaysia

It was August when our feisty princess and I visited Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It has been raining a bit and the day was a lot colder compared to the last time I travelled here with my friends. I have been to the Cameron Highlands in June three years ago and we were greeted by rainfall but the next day, it was all sunshine with no rain at all. It was too hot for me but fortunately, our room had air conditioning.

I wanted to have some quiet bonding time with our feisty princess and I knew she will love picking strawberries like I did the last time I visited Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands is the major producer of strawberries in Malaysia because of its cold climate that is perfect for the fruit. Most farms are actually concentrated into growing strawberries and they offer handpicking of strawberries to lure visitors.

imagesThe following morning, our feisty princess and I went to the strawberry farm in our wind breakers in anticipation of rain. We had our rattan baskets with us because the fruit won’t keep long if placed in plastic bags. I would grab at the stem so as not to crush the fruit but our feisty princess was so excited at picking strawberries that she would hold the fruit with both hands. After the stem has broken, our feisty princess would stuff the fruit in her mouth and red juice started dripping all over her jacket. It was hilariously funny and I guess she really enjoyed her first experience at the strawberry farm.

Anyway, my basket was full with the tender fruits and we have more than enough. They will surely add some color to our salad. My only wish was to be able to bring home the strawberries we handpicked so that I can make strawberry shortcake for the family. Even if I were to treat the fruits as gently as possible, they will not survive the journey home. Out feisty princess must have had her fill of the fruit because once we got back to our room, she started playing with her doll.

While she is busy, I guess I better start uploading the pictures I have taken. The family will certainly be interested on our Cameron Highland adventure. After all, our feisty princess is the jewel of the family but she is still too young to go camping with her dad and brothers. The boys are definitely not interested on picking strawberries no matter if it is in Cameron Highlands or on the other side of the world.

If handpicking strawberries is not your thing, you can always do some trekking at Cameron Highlands or better still, visit the tea plantation that is adjacent to the strawberry farms. If it rains, you can spend time in the market and shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. If the rain stops by evening, you can go and grab that Wellington steak and finish it off with a cup of Irish coffee.

The Tantrum: I must have Pink Cookies

After 3 boys in a row, it has always been my fondest dream to have a little girl. I was always envious of my friends who had dainty little girls they can dress up in those beautiful dresses and ribbons. I never expected that my dream will be realized because my youngest son is already in grade school. Since boys will always be boys, I hardly ever find them in the house because they are always busy trying to be another Messi.

Out feisty princess arrived in May and everybody was extremely excited because finally we are having a little girl to spoil. The boys were over themselves with happiness and excitement that they can’t wait for their turn to carry her around. Our feisty princess has certainly made a big difference in our life.

Our feisty princess in now two years old and you bet, she can have those tantrums when she wants some pink cookies. By pink cookies, she means those chocolate cookies with the pink icing she is so fond off. In spite of the tantrums, our feisty princess is so adorable particularly when she wants something from the boys. At a very young age, she has learned to be charming and cajoling to get her way.

pulled_christmas_crackerWhen I had my little girl, I decided to let go of my 9 to 5 job. I am now a stay home mom so that I can take better care of our feisty princess. I know that time flies so fast and soon enough our feisty little princess will no longer be a baby but a young girl. I want to treasure all those moments with our feisty princess that is why every milestone in her life has been well documented. I never managed to spend enough time with the boys because I was always at the office but thanks God for the internet because it has allowed me to earn even from home.

There is a certain bond between me and our feisty princess. It seems strange because the boys bonded better with their Dad who is also into sports. Even if I often join them camping or hiking in the woods, it felt strange being the only woman in a party of 3 boys and one grownup. Now that we have our feisty princess, I will have someone beside me when I arrange the picnic basket not unless she grows up as rowdy as her brothers.

I have read somewhere that there is always a special bond between mother and daughter. I want that bond to start while our feisty princess is still young even if she smears herself with my lipstick or breaks the heel of my brand new shoes. Young girls will always be like mommy but I want our feisty princess to stay as sweet and loving as she is now. Perhaps, when she starts being a young lady, we will remain friends. Even if in the future, she eventually turns towards young men, we will continue to have that special relationship that only exists between a mother and a daughter.